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Updated 1/22/17. You agree to these bylaws if you join or comment in All-Americans.

Welcome to All-Americans.

This is a Nation for ALL-Americans, (note the hyphen), meaning, Americans through-and-through; and all who are interested in sharing positive possibilities across the political spectrum for the furtherance and betterment of our America by means of reasoned productive discussion. The key words to remember - REASONED PRODUCTIVE DISCUSSION.

All considered viewpoints showing a thought process and SUPPORTED BY CREDIBLE AUTHORITY will be presented and discussed in a RESPECTFUL MANNER.

This is a COC/COH-compliant group. In addition to the guidelines given there, grenade trolling, derailing, spamming and baiting are not welcome in All-Americans because remember this is a place for ... (insert key words mentioned above.)

Type of content can be anything, as long as it meets the standards of NBC/MSNBC/Newsvine. However, political articles seeded to our column must be credibly sourced and respect Democratic American values.

Members -- participate. Authors, please seed your articles by making an opening comment in the Nation. And if you as a member respond to articles with which you disagree, kindly show the author the same consideration you would want to receive.

Father Guido/Bryce DeWitt, Founder-Owner
Contact me via my Profile Page for any questions or concerns